AR# 7418


FPGA/Design Compiler - Using Virtexe-E synthesis libraries for Synopsys 1999.05/A2.1i


Keywords: Virtex-E, Synopsys, Compiler, Design, FPGA, 1999.05, libraries

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
The Alliance 2.1i synthesis libraries were compiled with Synopsys Compiler
version 1999.05. In order to use these libraries with an older version of
Synopsys, you must have the libraries re-compiled with that version
of Synopsys software.


The XSI Virtex-E libraries compiled with Compiler version 1999.05 have
been placed on the Xilinx FTP site.


Extract this file in the $XILINX directory. The new libraries
will be placed in the $XILINX/synopsys/libraries/syn directory.

This can be done by issuing the following commands

mv a21_virtexe_db.tar.gz $XILINX
gunzip a21_virtexe_db.tar.gz
tar xvf a21_virtexe_db.tar
rm a21sp5_virtexe_db.tar

For A2.1i using Synopsys version 1999.05 :
AR# 7418
日期 08/31/2001
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Type 综合文章
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