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2.1i Install: Foundation - "The standalone installer \installs\synsynth\setup.exe failed with error code XX.XXX. Install will continue."


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setep.exe, standalone installer, Express, synsynth

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General Description:

During installation of Foundation 2.1i, the following message appears:

"The standalone installer E:\installs\synsynth\setup.exe failed with
error code 65.415. Install will continue..."

Other similar error codes can also be generated.
(Such as 65.447, 65.455, 65.446, etc) This solution record
holds for all of these errors.



The installs\synsynth\setup.exe file is the installation
program for Foundation Express. What is occurring to
generate this error message is that the Express installer
attempted to post a message to the screen during the
install. However, because the Express installer is running
behind the Foundation installer, it passes the message to
the Foundation installer, which posts its own interpretation of
this message. Therefore, the numbers that are seen can vary
widely, but the file (synsynth\setup.exe) should always remain
the same.

Typically, these errors are harmless, and the install should
complete and work fine. If you see such an error, it is
suggested to see if the synthesis tools are working. If indeed
you can synthesize a design, then this error can be safely
ignored. Please see solution 2 for some possible causes of
this message.

However, if the synthesis tools do not work or you are still
concerned that there might be a problem, please see solution
3 for further information.

This issue will be fixed in the next major software release.


Possible reasons that the error message occurred, even though
the synthesis tools are working:

Since the synthesis tools are in working order, no further action
is required. However, it has been seen that having other
applications running while the setup is installing can cause this
message. This even includes programs running in the background
(such as toolbars, virus detection programs, etc) can cause such

Additionally, it has been seen that having a problem in the way
the Windows environment variables are set up can also cause
this problem. For further information about this, please refer to


The synthesis tools are not working or you are concerned about
this error message:

If you previously had a version of Foundation on the machine
that you did not uninstall before installing the 2.1i software, this
might be the problem. You should completely uninstall and
delete the old software (making sure to save any projects, license
files, any other needed information) from the system and
reboot the machine before the Foundation 2.1i install is started.

If this is not the case, or if you are still having problems with
synthesis, you can manually re-install the FPGA Express tool.

To do this, browse into the installs\synsynth directory on the
CD and run the setup.exe file. When you do this, you must
make sure that the target directory is C:\Fndtn\Synth (or
wherever you installed the Xilinx tools). By doing this, the
Express installer should post any messages to the screen.
Simply answer them as prompted, and the setup should continue
to completion.


It has also been seen that this error message can occur because
an incorrect serial number was enter. If you are unsure of
your serial number, check with customer service, or use xilinx
as the serial number. For more information about this, please
refer to the Foundation Series 2.1i Installation Guide and Release
AR# 7450
日期 08/22/2001
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