AR# 7457


2.1i 9500/XL Hitop : "Warning NL_PRIMPIN has no net name. The pin is ignored."


Keywords : NL_PRIMPIN, hitop, ignored, pin

Urgency : Standard

General Description : When running a design through the 2.1i tools,
hitop may issue the following warning : "WARNING:CPLDFitter -
Ngd2nds finds a NL_PRIMPIN that has no net name. The pin is ignored."
NL_PRIMPIN is not a design name and does not appear in the netlist.


The warning is generated when pins on primitive elements are left unconnected.
For example, this warning would be generated if the clock enable input of an FDE
was left unconnected. It is merely an indication that the element will be
implemented as an FD. These warnings can be safely ignored.
These warnings no longer appear in version 3.1i of Xilinx software.
AR# 7457
日期 08/27/2001
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章
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