AR# 746


Install: Online Help Hyperlinks do no work on workstation (sun, sparc, hp), Acrobat v1.0


When using Acrobat reader v1.0 (shipped with XACT 5.2) on a workstation platform
(Sun Sparc, HP), the Hypertext Links to other pages do not work. For example, when
looking at linkpage.pdf, double clicking on the hypertext to jump to another manual
does not work.

Additionally, when performing searches using the Find command, only text from the
current manual is found (ie, Find does not locate text from other PDF pages).


The problem is caused by a limitation in Acrobat v1.0, which is shipped on the
workstation version of XACT step 5.2. It does not have the capability to create
linked pages. As a result, the Hypertext links do not work. Due to this same
limitation, the Find command used to locate text is limited to the current page
loaded since Acrobat v1.0 is not capable of using links to search multiple PDF

The workaround is to manually select and open the desired PDF file.

Another workaround is to download the latest version of the Acrobat reader
from Adobe. You can find this area on the World Wide Web at

Adobe's home page is simply
AR# 746
日期 08/23/2001
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章
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