AR# 7498


2.1i Install: Foundation. Error: "XIE internal error 101" after installing F2.1i


General Description:

Installed F2.1i on NT, but when the project manager

runs, a red error message appears "XIE internal error 101"

and the Implementation Icons stay grayed out.

During installation it is likely that the following message will


"Setup failed whilst processing the registry path"

followed by:-

"Problems setting registry entry



This can be caused when the F2.1i software is installed on an NT machine

by a user who does not have ADMIN rights.

Non-admin users cannot write to areas of the registry required by the F2.1i


To fix this:-

* Uninstall the software using the "Add / Remove Programs" from the Windows

Control Panel.

* Manually delete any remains of the installation from the c:\fndtn\ directory.

* Re-boot.

* Log into NT as a user with ADMIN rights. The software can then be installed

as normal.
AR# 7498
日期 11/03/2010
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章
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