AR# 7511


LogiCORE PCI - Issues with updating a HOT-II card from v1 to v2 after accidental erasure of the configuration flash memory


General Description: 

When a VCC HOT-II card is upgraded from v1 to v2, it has been found that it is possible to erase the configuration flash memory during the upgrade process when following the VCC notes, (i.e., performing a hard rather than soft reboot after updating the CPLD). Investigating the device pins with an oscilloscope will show that the CPLD and Spartan FPGA are functioning, one trying to cause configuration, the other waiting to receive the data. The flash output sticks High (contains all Fs when empty).


To work around this problem: 


1. Follow the software update instructions as per the VCC notes.  


2. Follow the CPLD update instructions as per VCC notes.  


3. Power-down and wire up the VCC card Connector 6 to the XChecker cable. The documentation is missing the XChecker INIT connection -- this should be connected on the same side as PROG, two pins to the left (Pin 6).  


4. Remove jumper J6 from the VCC card.  


5. With the VCC card powered up, invoke the hardware debugger. Select the bit file bflh_20.bit, from ...\HOT2\Hwif\BaseCfg\BootFlash\Spartan directory and download via the XChecker cable. The "Done" LED on the VCC card should light up. This shows that a good bitstream has gone into the Spartan with a PCI interface.  


6. Perform a SOFT reset of your machine; the computer and VCC card must remain powered. The safest way to do this is via Start ->Shutdown -> Restart Computer.  


7. Invoke the VCC Test Commander program and follow the VCC notes for updating the configuration flash memory. Once this is done, you should be able to power down the card and computer (HARD reset), then see it self-configure immediately with power applied. The "Done" LED will be lit.  


8. Replace jumper J6.

AR# 7511
日期 05/14/2014
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章
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