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CoolRunner/XPLA Professional: How to use the control files with the CoolRunner/XPLA Products?


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General Description: How do I use Control Files?


When using a design entry method other than PHDL or the XPLA
Professional software, a control file can be used to specify XPLA
properties for signals.

If using PHDL, these properties can be added in the source
code. This is explained in detail in Chapter 16 of the XPLA Professional
User's Manual found at

The control file originated for the workstation version (Xilinx Solution 7634)
of the XPLA compiler and fitter where there is no GUI for setting compiler
and fitter options. Therefore the format of the control file allows for three
sections, the command section, the property section, and the pin
assignment section. For use with XPLA Professional, it is recommended
that the control file only contain the property section and that compiler
and fitter options are set through the GUI. Pin assignments can be set
by the Pin Editor or in the pin assignment file (*.PAF).

The property section of the control file is denoted by [property]. The
table below describes the XPLA Properties.

XPLA Properties
XPLA Properties

Comments in a control file are designated with "#". An example control
file is shown below:

# Here's a comment
maxpt bit0:12 bit1:12
keep bit0
retain bit1
isp off
dut on
tri-state all
fm_group bit0 bit1 a b
lb_group c d data3..data0
slow_slew_rate o1 o2
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