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5.1i Project Navigator - How do I target or convert an Altera design to a Xilinx CPLD?


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How do I target or convert an Altera design to a Xilinx CPLD?


You must first generate a *.tdo file from Altera's software during compilation as follows:

1. Load the project that you wish to retarget to a Xilinx CPLD.

2. Start the compiler.

3. Select "Processing" from the menu bar.

4. Be sure that a check mark appears before the "Generate AHDL TDO File" selection. If it does not appear there, select it. This will enable the TDO file output.

5. Click the "Start" button to compile the design. The "*.tdo" file will appear in the directory where your Altera project resides. This ".tdo" file is needed as the input source for the Xilinx software.

For Project Navigator ISE:

1. Select a Xilinx CPLD and either of the Abel XST flows.

2. Expand the "Design Entry Utilities" toolbox in the Processes window. Right-click "TDO to ABEL Converter", and then right-click "Properties".

3. Manually type in the name of the ".tdo" file and click "OK."

(If the ".tdo" file is not in the same directory as the current project, you must enter the directory where the ".tdo" file is.)

4. Double-click the "TDO to ABEL Converter" in the Process window. This will create an ABEL file in the working directory.

Compiling the Design:

1. Add the newly-converted ABEL file by right-clicking the device in the Sources window. Select "Add," and double-click the source.

2. Create a ".ucf" file by clicking "Edit UCF File" in the Process window. Look at the Altera ".acf" file (Altera Constraints File) to determine which signals are assigned to what pins. CoolRunner is directly pin-compatible with Altera CPLDs, with the exception of one device. (Please see (Xilinx Answer 7594) for further details.)

3. Double-click "Fit Design" in the Process window.

For XPLA Professional: (Older Philips software)

The "*.tdo' file is used in XPLA Professional to generate a "*.phd" file automatically. To convert your "*.tdo" file, follow these steps:

1. Start the XPLA Professional software.

2. Select Source -> Import File to Project.

3. From the "Files of Type" field in the subsequent window, select "TDO Files (*.tdo)."

4. Search for your "*.tdo" file and click the "Open" button.

5. After a moment, the "*.tdo" file will automatically convert to the "*.phd" file, as seen in the "Project Sources" window of the main GUI. This file is now ready for compilation and fitting into the CoolRunner device of your choice.

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