AR# 75574


LogiCORE IP MIPI D-PHY v4.2 - MIPI D-PHY RX with resources optimization preset set as "CSI2RX_XLNX2" is not working


If the MIPI D-PHY RX resources optimization preset is set as "CSI2RX_XLNX2", the MIPI D-PHY RX never completes its initialization process.

As a result, the MIPI D-PHY RX will not output correct PPI data.


This is a known issue for the MIPI D-PHY RX IP (and MIPI CSI-2 RX Subsystem):

  • Vivado 2020.1 - Users can download the MIPI D-PHY IP patch from (Xilinx Answer 75543) to work around this issue.
  • Vivado 2020.2 - This issue will be resolved in the MIPI D-PHY IP core generated in Vivado 2020.2 and later.
AR# 75574
日期 09/17/2020
状态 Active
Type 综合文章
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