AR# 75581


AXI Video Direct Memory Access v6.3 - Why does the AXI MM interface from MM2S lock up my AXI bus?


During runtime if there is backpressure on the streaming interface, the internal FIFO can become full which then locks up the AXI MM interface.

This happens because the AXI MM interface issues more read requests than the FIFO has space to hold.

These requests are then not completed which locks up the AXI bus and any AXI interconnects upstream as well.

This is a known issue for the AXI Video Direct Memory Access v6.3 v6.3.


To work around the issue, ensure that the AXI MM and AXI -Stream busses are different widths.

This will cause the core to automatically enable a "Store and Forward" functionality, which means that the core will verify that the FIFO has enough space before sending out MM requests.

This is a known issue and is not scheduled to be updated at this time.

Note: the problem also exists in earlier versions, but no specific testing has been performed to verify earlier versions. 



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AR# 75581
日期 09/16/2020
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