AR# 7574


XPLA PC-ISP Programmer - New parts do not program via ISP in a system that is known to be good.


Keywords: XPLA, PC-ISP, Programmer, ISP, ISC, JTAG, CoolRunner,

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
Why won't my "new" parts program via ISP in a system that I know is good?


Verify that you are using true ISP parts; XPLA 1 CoolRunner 128 macrocell, 960 macrocell,
320 macrocell, "CS" devices, and "AS" devices support ISP operations.

The XPLA2 and XPLA3 series are also fully JTAG/ISP-compatible.

Ensure that you have not programmed the CPLD with a design that has disabled the JTAG
pins (used as user I/O). In this situation, you must hold the Port_en pin high to re-enable
the JTAG pins' functionality.

For more detail on the Port_en pin and ISP for the XPLA3 family, please see (Xilinx XAPP343):
"In-System Programming of XPLA3 Devices."
AR# 7574
日期 08/31/2001
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章
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