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XPLA Programmer - How do I generate MCS files for the XCR3960/XCR3320?


Keywords: XPLA, PC-ISP, programmer, ISP, ISC, JTAG, CoolRunner,
MCS, 320, 960, XCR3320, XCR3960, pz3960, pz3320

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General Description:
How do I generate MCS files for the XCR3960/XCR3320?


To generate MCS files for the XPLA2 family of devices, a valid JEDEC file
must be present for the device. When this file is present,follow these steps:

1. Select the appropriate device (PZx960 or PZx320) in the "Device
Name" Column

2. Select the appropriate operation ("Program" or "Verify only") in the
"Operation" Column.

3. Select the correct JEDEC file in the "Design File Name" cell.

4. Under Help | Output Debug Options pull-down menu, select
"Off-line Programming Mode".

5. Select "Standard Data Frame" if required. A compressed data
frame is the default mode. If you want the full data frame, this option
must be selected.

6. After these steps are complete, perform a "File | Save JCD" with a
unique file name. The MCS vector file will be saved in the same
directory as the JCD and named "unique.mcs."

7. Click on the "Execute" button to generate the MCS file.
AR# 7582
日期 08/22/2002
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