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CoolRunner - What download cable and software do I need to program an ISP CoolRunner CPLD?


What download cable and software should I have to program a CoolRunner CPLD using ISP or JTAG?


The iMPACT Programmer supports the XPLA3 and CoolRunner-II family of CPLDs. iMPACT recognizes the Xilinx JTAG Parallel Cable 3, 4, and the MultiLINX serial/USB cable. 

The Parallel Cable 3 can be used for XPLA3 (CoolRunner-II as well, if VccAux is set to 3.3V), and the Parallel Cable 4 can be used for both CoolRunner XPLA3 and CoolRunner-II. 

For more information on cables, please refer to the Cable Support page on the Xilinx Web site at:

You can download the iMPACT Programmer from the WebPACK Web page at:

For instructions on downloading iMPACT, please see (Xilinx Answer 12858).

AR# 7587
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