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LogiCORE HDMI RX 1.4/2.0 Subsystem IP v3.1 (Rev 6) - Software Driver v6.0 - Patch Download for HDMI Receiver Subsystem Software Driver v6.0 in Vitis 2020.2


This answer record contains patch updates for the LogiCORE HDMI Receiver Subsystem Software Driver v6.0 included in the 2020.2 release.


Issue Resolved:

(Xilinx Answer 76021) Why does HDCP fail authentication with Roku Express?

Installation :

1) Clone the “embeddedsw” repo from github.

git clone

2) Change directory.

cd embeddedsw

3) Checkout the tags with the release.

git checkout tags/xilinx-v2020.2

4) Apply the patch.

git am -3 <path to the patch>


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AR# 76159
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