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F2.1i Schematic Editor: How to add PWR and GND symbols now that the "Power Symbol" button has gone.


Keywords: PWR. GND, VCC, Add power, schematic, button,
toolbar, gone, disappeared

Urgency: Standard

General Description: In F1.5i and previous versions, there used to be a "Power Symbol" button on the toolbar going down the left
hand side of the Schematic Capture window.

In 2.1i, this button has disappeared, so how do I add PWR and GND to my design?


The way to add power symbols to a Foundation schematic design,
is to use the "Symbols Toolbox" and select the components "VCC"
and "GND".

These components have always existed in the libraries and in actual
fact are the ones which should always have been used. The reason
for this is that "VCC" and "GND" are components contained in the
XILINX Unified Libraries. The PWR and GND symbols were Aldec
symbols and as such, were not components contained in the XILINX
Unified Libraries.

Note: The help files still refer to PWR and GND symbols, despite the
"Power Symbol" button no longer being included in the software.
The pages of the Help files, should be ignored.
AR# 7699
日期 03/12/2002
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章
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