AR# 7700


2.1i ngdanno warning : ngdexpander : 5 - STARTUP symbol... can be ignored


Keywords : ngdanno, STARTUP, ngdexpander, 5

Urgency : Standard

General Description : The back annotation program, ngdanno, produces the following
warning when the STARTUP or STARTUP_VIRTEX block is used in a design :
"Warning : NgdExapnder : 5 - the STARTUP symbol '$I304': The following pins were
connected on the outside of block '$I304' but left unconnected within the block: CLK"


This warning is safe to ignore. Ngdanno does not simulate the CLK input to STARTUP,
so the warning has no real meaning. The warning will be eliminated in a future software
AR# 7700
日期 12/10/2001
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章
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