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2.1i COREGEN, C_IP2 - Extracting using UNZIP v5.32 leads to "Shrink method not supported" and other errors.


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General Description:

The following error may be encountered when using UNZIP v5.32 to extract the C_IP2 update:

"Shrink method is not supported"

If you then try to call up the Variable Parallel Multiplier GUI and click on the Register Options button,
the following error appears:

"# ERROR: Could not load/define class file

If you subsequently try to generate the multiplier, additional errors are seen:

# ERROR: Could not load/define class file
# ERROR: An internal error has occurred. Please call Xilinx support.
# ERROR: Sim has a problem implementing the selected core.
Implementation netlist will not be generated.

You may also see:

"ERROR locating library for class xxxx" when clicking on the Register Options button.

The problem appears to be an overwrite permissions problem associated with version 5.32 of
the UNZIP program on the UNIX platform. Version 5.32 requires a separate LZH compression
algorithm license and a "USE_SHRINK" environment setting before it can extract certain
elements in the update, which is archived using WinZip.


The "ERROR: Could not load/define class file" has also been seen on the PC. If you are
encountering this, please see Solution 3 for possible solutions.



C_IP2, UNIX platforms:

Obtain a copy of the update that has been tar'd and gzip'd instead of being archived using the
WinZip program from:

The tar.gz format archive for this release should be downloaded for WorkStation platforms.


If you cannot access the tar.gz archive for WorkStation platforms:

An earlier version of UNZIP for WorkStations, v5.12, does not have this problem. This older
version can be successfully used, if available.

If UNZIP v5.12 is unavailable, try extracting the C_IP2 archive on a PC using WinZip to a
temporary location first; then, copy the extracted files over to $XILINX on your UNIX platform.



"ERROR: Could not load/define class file."

This error has been seen if there are multiple copies of the same data files in the same directory.
When you try to generate a module in CORE Generator, the inability to load or define the class
file may be seen as a result of this duplication.

To determine whether there are duplicate files present, restart CORE Generator and pay close
attention to the startup messages in the COREGen console window. If there is a problem with
duplicate data files (more than one data file with the same name), you will see a message noting
"duplicate core resources".

The cause of this problem is described in (Xilinx Solution 7861).
AR# 7711
日期 09/03/2001
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