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Virtex/-E, Spartan-II/-IIE JTAG - What are the DC switching levels of the JTAG inputs? (Vih TDI/TMS/TCK)


What are the DC switching levels of the JTAG inputs for Virtex/-E and Spartan-II/-IIE devices?


JTAG Input Pins

The JTAG input pins (TDI, TMS, TCK) are dedicated and do not reside in any banks. They are powered by VCCINT and are not affected by VCCO or any other power plane. The pins are designed as LVTTL, and when they are actively driven, they must be driven to LVTTL levels. The pins have internal weak pull-ups to VCCINT, and this voltage level holds the lines in a logical High state. If external pull-ups are used on the board, the pull-ups can be tied to the VCCINT voltage level.

JTAG Output Pins

The TDO pin is in Bank 2 and is powered by the VCCO pin in Bank 2. The TDO pin always drives rail-to-rail between Ground and the voltage level on VCCO in Bank 2.

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