AR# 775


runtime error R6018 - unexpected heap error


Synthesizing the top level design with the "Create Schematic" Option
selected causes the synthesizer to stop with the following error message:

runtime error R6018
- unexpected heap error


This can happen if you are using the older version (v3.1.0) of Viewgen
shipped with PROseries. Both PROseries and VIEWsynthesis ship a
viewgen.exe file, and if PROSER is first in the PATH, the older version
of VIEWGEN is going to be used.

Old version/Bad one is: viewgen - V3.1.0 ; Workview 5.2
New version/Good one is : viewgen - v3.5 ; VIEWlogic 5.3.3

The solution is to either change your PATH and put VIEWSYN first in your
PATH variable, or alternatively you may deselect the "Create Schematic"
option in Viewsynthesis.
AR# 775
日期 11/07/2004
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章
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