AR# 783


FLOW ENGINE 6.0: Hangs or freezes during a compile


While compiling a design in the Flow Engine, the Flow Engine hangs
or freezes. Everything in Windows still operates normally, but the
compile never completes. The Flow Engine indicates that it is "running",
but no progress is ever made. One cause is that the underlying DOS
process for the compile has become disconnected from the Flow Engine
application. Another is that the DOS process never launched successfully.



Disable SMARTDRV write caching in the AUTOEXEC.BAT using the /X
option (see MS-DOS HELP on SMARTDRV):


Within Windows, disable 32-bit disk access and file access in the Virtual
Memory dialog box via the 386 Enhanced icon in the Control Panel program


Do not use the MS-DOS utilities APPEND and FASTOPEN. As stated in
MS-DOS HELP, these TSR's should not be loaded if running Windows.
APPEND is typically invoked in the AUTOEXEC.BAT, and FASTOPEN is
loaded in the CONFIG.SYS. REM out or delete these TSR's from your


Within Windows, verify that "Exclusive in Foreground" is not selected in the
Enhanced dialog box via the 386 Enhanced icon in the Control Panel program


Enlarging the available DOS environment space can also remedy Flow Engine problems.

Modify the config.sys so that there is a line reading:

shell=c:\dos\ /e:2048 /p

More parameters may be added to this line, of course. Some PC setups may require up to 2K of environment space in order to run the Flow Engine
AR# 783
日期 10/01/2008
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