AR# 7861


4.1i CORE Generator - "ERROR: Duplicate core resource"


Keywords: COREGen, duplicate, core, Samba

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
Upon startup, CORE Generator issues errors similar to the following:

# Xilinx CORE Generator 4.1i
# User = xilinx
# Scanning new IP resources. Please wait...
# /home/kimolos2/xilinx/alliance_2.1/coregen/ip/xilinx/baseblox_v1_0/com/xilinx/ip...
# ERROR: Duplicate core resource BaseReg,1.0,xc4000_all+virtex_all,xilinx found in /home/kimolos2/xilinx/alliance_2.1/coregen/ip/xilinx/baseblox_v1_0/com/xilinx/ip.
# ERROR: Duplicate core resource C_BUFT,1.0,xc4000_all+virtex_all,xilinx found in /home/kimolos2/xilinx/alliance_2.1/coregen/ip/xilinx/baseblox_v1_0/com/xilinx/ip.
# ERROR: Duplicate core resource C_LUT,1.0,xc4000_all+virtex_all,xilinx found in /home/kimolos2/xilinx/alliance_2.1/coregen/ip/xilinx/baseblox_v1_0/com/xilinx/ip.
# ERROR: Duplicate core resource C_LUT_FD,1.0,xc4000_all+virtex_all,xilinx found in /home/kimolos2/xilinx/alliance_2.1/coregen/ip/xilinx/baseblox_v1_0/com/xilinx/ip.
# ERROR: Duplicate core resource C_LUT_LD,1.0,xc4000_all+virtex_all,xilinx found in /home/kimolos2/xilinx/alliance_2.1/coregen/ip/xilinx/baseblox_v1_0/com/xilinx/ip.


The "Duplicate core resource" error indicates that there is more than one copy of a data file or files associated with a particular core (often the XCD file).

In one case, this was seen when there were two versions of the XCD file for a core, one with the file name in upper-case characters, and the other with the file name in lower-case characters; the corresponding subdirectory names for the core were then created with the same case mismatch.

In this case, the redundant directory in question was simply deleted to remove the offending files. The update was then run again, which restored the files to the original setup.

In another case, the problem was the result of installing a CORE Generator IP ZIP file update from a PC over a network to a UNIX Workstation that was running Samba. (Samba automatically converted the PC filenames to lower-case characters for the new versions of some pre-existing cores). CORE Generator treated the two XCD files as duplicates because it is case-insensitive when handling file names.

The problem was detected by performing a recursive listing of the $XILINX/coregen/ip directory. Duplicates may also be detected by reviewing the $XILINX/coregen/ip/resources.lib file in the 2.1i release, or the $XILINX/coregen/ip/corelib.xml file in 3.1i.

In this case. the solution was to obtain a new version of the IP update in UNIX tar.gz format, delete the $XILINX/coregen/ip directory, then reinstall the IP update over the CORE Generator installation using the tar.gz archive .
AR# 7861
日期 10/09/2003
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章
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