AR# 7989


Install - Service Pack: Setup failed while processing the FileCopier.SrvcPackReplace task. Problems when copying.


2.1, 3.1i, sp, Install, Setup, failed, process, service pack

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
While installing the 2.1i or 3.1i Service Packs, the following error occurs:

"Setup failed while processing the FileCopier.SrvcPackReplace task.
Problems when copying D:\TEMP\pft1~tmp\replace\bin\nt\<<FILENAME>>."

There is enough TEMP space as well as Xilinx drive space, and the
environment variables are correctly set.



The error occurs because the installer is trying to overwrite the
%XILINX%\bin\nt\<<FILENAME>>, but the file cannot be written to.

This can occur when the tools have been recently run, or if
there is a process hanging around in memory. In this case, the solution
is to "End Process" using the Task Manager. Windows will then unlock
the file for writing.

You may also want to check to see if the file is set in Read-Only mode.
(Use the Windows Explorer or DOS "dir" command for this.)

Check for viruses and hard-disk-drive problems as well.


Clear out the temporary directory to make enough space for the installation of the service pack.


There should be at least 300MB of temp disk space. To check this:

1. Open a DOS window.
2. Type 'echo %TEMP%'.
3. On what drive is TEMP? If that drive doesn't have at least 300MB of
space, change the location of TEMP. To do this, you must either run 'sysedit'
from Start -> Run.. (Windows95, 98) or go to Control Panel -> System ->
Environment (Windows NT, 2000).

If you change variables, be sure to reboot!
AR# 7989
日期 08/22/2001
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章
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