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5.1i CORE Generator, Synopsis VSS - How do I compile the CORE Generator modules for VSS simulation?


General Description:

How do I compile the CORE Generator library models for simulation in Synopsys VSS?


1. 2.1i only: Read the CORE Generator User Guide documentation (accessible from Help-> Online Documentation in the CORE Generator GUI) for instructions on extracting the models and setting up your library directory.

2. In your .synopsys_vss.setup file, you must declare a working directory called "xilinxcorelib". This is the library to which the CORE Generator models will be compiled.

For example:

xilinxcorelib : <path_to_directory>/xilinxcorelib

3. Be sure that your .synopsys_vss.setup file is in the same directory in which vhdlan is being run. Your .synopsys_vss.setup file must contain at least the following:





xilinxcorelib : <path_to_directory>/xilinxcorelib

VHDL library to UNIX dir mappings

SYNOPSYS : $SYNOPSYS/packages/synopsys/lib

IEEE : $SYNOPSYS/packages/IEEE/lib

4. Compile each model using the following command line.

vhdlan -i -w xilinxcorelib <path_to_extracted_Coregen_libraries>/<filename>.vhd

2.1i IP Updates: See (Xilinx Solution #6250) for the compilation order to be used.

3.1i IP Updates: The required compiled order is documented in the following files in each 3.1i update:


AR# 8015
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