AR# 8021


2.1i COREGEN (Japanese Version ONLY): "ERROR: Gui Field component_name not found"


Keywords: coregen, Single Port Block Memory, Dual Port Block Memory, GUI field,
component_name not found, elaboration.

Urgency: hot

General Description
If you are using the Japanese version of Coregen 2.1i, you may see the following error
from Coregen when trying to generate a Single or Dual Port Block Memory. (Note that
part of this message may be displayed in Japanese)

ERROR: Gui Field component_name not found
ERROR: Customize Parameter Rule unable to verify. Core elaboration will be terminated (Japanese message)
ERROR: SIM Generator: Core Single_Port_Block_Memory SIM customize parameter cannot be verified.
ERROR: Core Single_Port_Block_Memory cannot be generated.
ERROR: Core Single_Port_Block_Memory cannot be generated.


To correct this problem, download and install Core Generator update
C_IP3 from the following location:
Please be sure that C_IP3 is downloaded from Japanese
Xilinx Web site(

If you are using the English version of Core Generator 2.1i, then
C_IP3 must be downloaded from English Xilinx web site

This problem has been obsoleted by the C_IP4 release.
AR# 8021
日期 02/14/2000
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章
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