AR# 8057

Schematics - Warning "Ngdhelpers 312: Logical block U## of type is unexpanded. or ngdbuild 76"


Foundation schematics design, the design consists of a top level schematic sheet with either HDL or schematic macros. When implementation is attempted, the customer receives the following error messages: 


" ERROR:NgdHelpers:312 - logical block "U##" of type "<macro_name>" is unexpanded." 

" ERROR:NgdBuild:76 - <macro_name>.ngo could not be merged into block U## because the pins in the symbol do not match the pins in the VHD file."


Check to make sure the symbol name and the macro code name are the same. If you have a symbol called test_me, that symbol's HDL should be test_me.vhd or test_me.v. 


If the symbol name is different than the file, open the HDL base file and choose "Create Macro". A macro of that name will be created. Replace the old macro with this one. Alternatively, you can rename the symbol.


If the design is all in HDL, make sure all of the netlists are in the same directory.

AR# 8057
日期 05/14/2014
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章