AR# 8095


2.1i 9500/XL Hitop: Designs that fit in 1.5x do not fit in 2.1i


Keywords : 9500 9500XL hitop fit

Urgency : Standard

General Description:
A 9500/XL design that fit in 1.5x no longer fits in 2.1i.



Most cases of this arise because the default settings for the fitter have changed from
1.5x to 2.1i. Check the bottom of the fitter report to verify that the fitter options are
what they were in 1.5x.


A fitter bug that caused the fitting to fail even with the same options was fixed in
the latest 2.1i Service Pack available at:

AR# 8095
日期 08/27/2001
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章
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