AR# 8137


3.3 FPGA Express - Converting constraints (.exc) to ASCII or TCL, and adding constraints to the FE_SHELL


Keywords: Foundation, FPGA Express, convert, ASCII, constraints, FE_SHELL, EXC, .exc

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
Is it possible to export the details entered into the FPGA Express Constraints Editor to an ASCII or TCL and then add constraints to the FE_SHELL area?


There is no way to export the details of constraints entered in the Constraints Editor to an ASCII or TCL format. The only way to save it is in the binary .exc format. However, you may load that file for a synthesis run in TCL by using the "import_constraint" command.

You can also perform most of the tasks that you can do in the Constraints Editor with the FE_SHELL area. For help with FE_SHELL commands, open FE_SHELL and type "help". You may obtain detailed help by typing "man <command>" for any command listed in help. Currently, there is no way to convert the information in the .exc into TCL-based commands.
AR# 8137
日期 08/22/2002
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章
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