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12.4 NGDBuild - "ERROR:NgdBuild:76 - File '.ngo' cannot be merged into block 'U1' (TYPE='')..."


When I attempt to generate a core with the same name as the design name in an HDL project, the following error message occurs during the translate phase (NGDBuild):

"ERROR:NgdBuild:76 - File "<path_to_component>.ngo" cannot be merged into block "u1" (TYPE="<component>") because one or more pins on the block, including pin "<pin>", were not found in the file. Please make sure that all pins on the instantiated component match pins in the lower-level design block (irrespective of case). If there are bussed pins on this block, make sure that the upper-level and lower-level netlists use the same bus-naming convention."


This error appears because the black box instantiation searches for the component netlist during the translate phase. If the design has the same name as the component, NGDBuild picks up the design netlist rather than the component netlist.

To work around this problem, either rename the component or the design. If you decide to rename the component netlist, remember to also rename the component declaration and instantiation. Once you have implemented a workaround, there will be no conflict in NGDBuild.

Another solution to this problem is to check the issues that are presented in the error message. Verify that all ports in the instantiated netlist match the instantiation.

Often, a signal option is added to or deleted from a regenerated core.

This issue has also can also occur when out-of-date NGO files are not regenerated when NGDBuild runs.

Running project cleanup will delete old NGO files, and will force NGDBuild to regenerate the NGO files.

To run project cleanup from within the ISE software GUI, select Project -> Cleanup Project Files.
AR# 8205
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