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FPGA/Design Compiler - "Warning: Unable to resolve reference 'xdw_mult_ss_ma2_2bit_8_8_0_2_0.model.virtex..."


Keywords: Design Compiler, design, ware, mult, xdw

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
When compiling the Synopsys libraries for Virtex multiplier, the following warning(s)

"Warning: Unable to resolve reference 'xdw_mult_ss_ma2_2bit_8_8_0_2_0.model.virtex' in 'xdw_mult_ss_A_width8_B_width8.db:xdw_mult_ss_A_width8_B_width8_xdw_mult_ss_bt_8_8_0'. (LINK-5)"

This occurs after the following command:

Optimization Complete
Transferring design 'xdw_mult_ss_A_width8_B_width8' to database 'xdw_mult_ss_A_width8_B_width8.db'
Current design is 'xdw_mult_ss_A_width8_B_width8'.
Linking design:
Using the following designs and libraries:
xdw_mult_ss_A_width8_B_width8, xdw_mult_ss_A_width8_B_width8_xdw_mult_ss_bt_8_8_0,


This happens in Synopsys versions 1999.05-4, 1999.10, and 2000.05, and the problem
occurs when signed multiplication takes place. This problem is fixed in version 2000.11.

The only workarounds available are:

- Do not use signed multiplication.
- Use version 1999.05-3 or earlier.
- Use FPGA Compiler II.
AR# 8274
日期 04/27/2007
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章
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