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2.1i COREGEN: "ERROR: ... Can not find initial Contents file to read: <module_name>.mif" when READ MIF is selected


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General Description:
The Virtex Block and Distributed Memory v1.0 cores for 2.1i may not find an
MIF file in the project directory when the READ MIF option is selected. When this
is the case, the following error message may be seen:

"ERROR: Customization parameter rule checks failed. Terminating core
elaboration: Can not find initial Contents file to read: <module_name>.mif
ERROR: SimGenerator: Failure to set Sim customization parameters for core

This problem has been fixed in v2.0 of these cores.


There is a bug in the 2.1i Block Memory v1.0 cores that causes the core
customizer to write out the MIF filie to wherever the CORE Generator application
was started, rather than to the project directory. This has been fixed in v1.0.3
of this core.

The customization GUI also looks for the MIF file in this location when you select
the Read MIF option (v1.0 Block Memories only). Unfortunately there is no way
to specify the location of the MIF to the customization GUI explicitly.

On PCs:
Normally, the start directory is defined as $XILINX/coregen/tmp when the CORE
Generator is invoked in standalone mode (directly through the Windows Start
Menu). This is where the CORE Generator tries to find the MIF file when "READ
MIF" is selected.

The workaround is to copy the MIF file into your $XILINX/coregen/tmp directory,
and regenerate the core. You must then re-implement the design and generate
a new timing simulation netlist using the new core.

In some cases, if you invoke the CORE Generator from the Foundation tools, the MIF may be
read in from the Fndtn\Active\Projects directory.

On UNIX WorkStations:
If you run it standalone mode, CORE Generator expects to find the MIF file in the
directory from which you invoked the CORE Generator application.

This problem will be fixed in the C_IP4 IP Modules update.
AR# 8316
日期 08/24/2001
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