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2.1i CORE Generator, C_IP5 - Readme file for IP Update 5 for 2.1i on UNIX and PC platforms


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General Description:
This answer record contains information on the 2.1i IP Update 5 Readme file.


Installation instructions:

1. Download c_ip5.tar.gz (UNIX) or (PC) from

2. C_IP5 is available both as a Zip file, and as a "tar" file which has been compressed using "gzip". For Windows, the ".zip" file can be unpacked using a recent release of WinZip (such as 7.0 SR-1 or later) on Windows. For UNIX platforms, we recommend that you download the ".tar.gz" file and unpack it using the UNIX command line utilities "gzip" and "tar". (Note the problems seen with older UNIX "tar" commands below.)

3. Close the CORE Generator application if it is running.

4. Download the Zip file or c_ip5.tar.gz and save it to a temporary directory.

5. Extract the Zip file or tar.gz archive to your $XILINX directory, preserving the relative paths such as:

6. Restart CORE Generator, then choose "Update Cores"-> "All to Latest" on the Project menu for each project that you wish to have access to the new cores.

7. Determine whether the installation has succeeded by verifying that the new cores are visible in the CORE Generator GUI, such as "Distributed Arithmetic FIR" in the "Digital Signal Processing/Filters" folder.

For the release notes for C_IP5, please see (Xilinx Answer 9158).
AR# 8358
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