AR# 8549


Design Compiler - Warning: Can't find the architecture 'xdw_<design_ware_mod>' in the library 'library_name'. (LBR-1)


Keywords: FPGA, DC, synopsys, DesignWare, xdw

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
You might receive the following warning from Design Compiler after synthesizing a design:

"Warning: Can't find the architecture 'xdw_<design_ware_mod>(virtex)'
in the library 'xdw_virtex'. (LBR-1)"


"Warning: Can't find the design 'XORCY'
in the library 'WORK'. (LBR-1)
Warning: Unable to resolve reference 'XORCY' in 'xdw_sub_4'. (LINK-5)
Warning: The synthetic library module 'xdw_sub'
implementation 'virtex' failed to link. (SYNH-44)
Error: Compile has abnormally terminated. (OPT-100)"



To solve this problem, add the following line to your .synopsys_dc.setup:

define_design_lib xdw_virtex -path XilinxInstall +


If synthesizing with Virtex-II Pro, then error with the Virtex-II Pro parts Design Compiler (".db") libraries has been found. Please download the latest version at:
AR# 8549
日期 04/27/2007
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章
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