AR# 8559


2.1i FPGA Editor - Add Probe does not list VREF pins


Keywords: FPGA Editor, 2.1i, Add Probe, VREF, strobe

Urgency: Standard

Genral Description:
When I try to bring out a node to a port for debugging, the "add probe" window does not list the Vref pins on a Virtex Device.


The 2.1i FPGA Editor is unable to access the I/O Standard information of the different Virtex banks. Therefore, by default, it assumes that the Vref pins are being used for Select I/O, and does not list them.

To use a Vref port for an internal strobe, the connection must be made manually.
AR# 8559
日期 07/09/2001
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章
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