AR# 856


ProWave and ProSim: How to change system colors


There is no way to change system and background colors from within PROsim or
PROwave. This can only be done in PROcapture or from the PROcolor program.


Either select "Change -> PROcapture Colors..." from within PROcapture or run
the PROcolor.exe program in the PROSER directory. This will bring up the
PROcolor manager. From the PROcolor manager selecting Classic defaults will
produce a set of colors like those used in Workview, with a black background.
Selecting the "New Defaults" will bring up a white background and appropriate
colors for other objects. Changes made here will affect the background color
in PROsim and PROwave. To set the color of an individual waveform in PROwave,
select the waveform so it is highlighted and then select
"Waveform -> Display Params -> Color".
This will bring up a palette to select colors from.
AR# 856
日期 10/01/2008
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章
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