AR# 8648


WebPACK XST - ERROR :(VHP_0808): + cannot have such operands in this context.


General Description

While synthesizing VHDL designs in WebPACK, the following error messages occur:

ERROR : (VHP__0808). C:\Project\test.vhd Line 115. + can not have such operands in this context

EXEWRAP detected a return code of '1' from program 'xst'

EXEWRAP complete - 0 errors, 0 warnings.

Done: failed with exit code: 0001.


If the VHDL code is using any arithmetic operands, include arithmetic unsigned

or signed IEEE packages in the code.

In VHDL code, add either of these packages, depending on the sign convention

of the design:

use ieee.std_logic_unsigned.all;


use ieee.std_logic_signed.all;
AR# 8648
日期 09/08/2010
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章
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