AR# 8739


3.1i Solaris Install - Java Security Issues


Keywords: Java, security, install, 3.1i, Solaris

Urgency: Standard

General Description: Some customers are concerned about the
Java Security window that appears during the 3.1i Install.


The 3.1i Alliance Solaris Installer uses a browser-based installer, and therefore
requires that the user has Netscape v4.7 to install the software. The file
delivery mechanism is Javascript. Java, by the definition of the language,
cannot access users' hard drives through a browser environment. This, of course,
is to protect the user from unauthorized file access.

However, because the primary purpose of an installer is to deliver files to the disc,
it is required that the Java Security Window be granted access for the install to
successfully complete. By granting this access, the user is only allowing the files
that are on the Xilinx CD to be copied to the users disc. Web access is not
required, as Xilinx does not read any information off of the user's disc.

Additionally, Xilinx has securited a digital certificate from Verisign. This is a way
to guarantee that the information you receive is indeed from Xilinx. For further
information about Java, please see ( For further information
about the Verisign company, please see (

For users that would still rather not use the browser environment, an install 'patch'
has been created. For further information on this, please see
(Xilinx Solution 8214).
AR# 8739
日期 09/17/2002
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章
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