AR# 8938


6.1i CORE Generator - A message reports "Project has been locked by another user"


General Description:

If I set my CORE Generator project directory to point to a project that is being accessed by another user, the following message is reported:

"Project has been locked by another user"

CORE Generator then asks if I wish to remove the lock or cancel my attempt to invoke the application.


This message is produced if more than one CORE Generator process tries to access a given project. CORE Generator concludes that a project has been locked if it finds any file with a ".lock" extension in the project directory.

Project "username.lock" files are created in a CORE Generator project directory when a user points the CORE Generator to that directory. In normal operation, they are removed when the user redirects the CORE Generator to another project, or when the user exits the CORE Generator application completely. However, they might be left behind and not removed if the previous user did not exit the CORE Generator application gracefully (e.g., if the CORE Generator application crashed).

Before you can generate cores in a project, you must allow CORE Generator to remove the lock on that project. Before allowing this to happen, you should make sure that no other users are actually trying to access that project.

If removing the ".lock" file is unsuccessful for any reason, you can also delete the ".lock" file manually.
AR# 8938
日期 07/28/2010
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章
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