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AR# 8954

1.5 XC9500 JTAGProgrammer - Bulk erase command is not supported in older devices, device will not program with SVF


Keywords: XC9500, CPLD, SVF, bulk, erase, ASJ, AEM

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
The "bulk erase" command was not supported in the XC9500 devices when they were originally released. These original devices were marked with a geometry code of J (.6u). Later versions of the device went through a die shrink, and the bulk erase feature was added. These devices are marked with a geometry code of M (.5u).

A case has been seen where an SVF file was created targeting the newer device using JTAGProgrammer 1.5. In this case, trying to program the older device with the this same .svf file was unsuccessful. This was due to the insertion of the bulk erase command into the .svf file.

// Loading device 'fanfix(Device1)' with 'bulk erase' instruction.
SIR 8 TDI (ed) SMASK (ff) ;



To avoid the insertion of the bulk erase command into the .svf file, create the SVF in JTAGProgrammer 2.1i or newer.


Use the older part as the target when creating the .svf file in JTAG Programmer 1.5. The software inserts the bulk erase command depending on what device revision it detects in the JTAG chain.
AR# 8954
日期 09/30/2005
状态 Archive
Type ??????