AR# 9038


2.1i Install : Service Pack update fails with Severe error at 93%


Keywords: 2.1i, service pack, install, fails, 93%

Urgency: Standard

General Description: During a service pack update of the Foundation
tools, typically at the 93% mark, errors might be seen such as:

"Severe--Unable to create directory"
and another message that says "archiving the existing files".


The Implementation Tools Service Pack updates both the implementation
tools and the Foundation GUI tools.

At 93%, the Foundation interface tools update is launched. If the design
entry tools were not originally installed, or if they were but some problem
exists with this Foundation directory structure, this error can be seen.
The minimum directory structure that the installer expects to see is


(where $XILINX is the location of the Xilinx tools).

If this directory structure does not exist or has been modified, correcting
this will fix the problem. Or, if the Foundation Design Entry update is not
needed, there is a way to tell the installer NOT to install the update. This
is done by :

In the root of the $XILINX directory, there is a text file called fileset.txt.
This is the text file that the installer reads. Make a backup of this file,
then simply open it up with a text editor, and search for any lines containing

Changing this line so it says:
will disable the design entry update, since it is not needed.

Save the file and re-run the update should allow for a successful installation
of the update.
AR# 9038
日期 08/22/2001
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章
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