AR# 9062


4.1i - Windows 98 - JTAG Programmer and other software - "Out of environment space" error is reported


Keywords: environment, space, install, Win 98, Windows, ME, 3.1i

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
I am running Windows 98; after installing the software, an "Out of environment space error" is reported.

(The same problem can also occurs if JTAG Programmer is run.)



This error means that your environment space must be increased.

For Windows 98, try adding this line in your config.sys file:

SHELL=C:\<path to>\ /p /e:8192

The number after "/e:" corresponds to the amount of environment space to set aside.

Ensure that the changes to your config.sys file are saved properly, and reboot the computer.


If JTAG Programmer still does not work, try this second solution:

- Right-click on the Device Programmer Start Menu icon.

- Select the Memory tab and set the initial environment to "1024".

- If this does not fix the problem, set this, along with the rest of the memory settings, to a large number (>2K).
AR# 9062
日期 08/26/2003
状态 Archive
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