AR# 9132


3.1i MAP: Inputs incorrectly initialized to 1 instead of 0 in backannotated timing simulation


Keywords: simulation, init, initialize, accumulator, adder, subtractor, subtracter, register

Urgency: hot

General Description:
I0 pins driven by GND in a Virtex design may initialize incorrectly to
1 instead of 0.

This may be due to a problem in the 3.1i Mapper which results in an incorrect
NGM file. When the NGM file is subsequently read in as an input to NGDANNO
during the process of generating a backannotated timing simulation netlist, the resulting
simulation netlist may contain instances where inputs that are supposed to be
driven by 0 are driven by a 1 instead.

The problem is associated with an Virtex or Virtex-II LUT that is configured as a buffer,
with the least significant LUT input pin, I0, driven by GND. The GND connection may
have been specified by the user, or it may be preconfigured in a CORE Generator core's
EDIF netlist in response to some user-specified INIT value.

The problem has been observed in the Virtex Accumulator, Adder/Subtracter,
and FD-based Register).


The workaround is to omit the NGM file when running NGDANNO to work around this bug.

If you are processing the design through Design Manager, de-select the switch for "Correlate
Simulation Data to Inpur Design".

AR# 9132
日期 12/07/2004
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章
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