AR# 9157


*Obsolete* 2.1i JTAG Programmer - The IDCODE returned (10010000001100001010000000010011) indicates that it is not a Xilinx part


Keywords: JTAG programmer, spartan-II, IDCODE, error, incorrect, boundary-scan, 'spart2(Device1)'

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
When I attempt to program a Spartan-II part, using the 2.1i JTAG Programmer software, the following error occurs:

JTAG Programmer Started 2000/04/26 10:17:20
Loading Boundary-Scan Description Language (BSDL) file
'c:/Fndtn/spartan2/data/xc2s100_pq208.bsd'.....completed successfully.
Checking boundary-scan chain integrity...done.
Verifying device positions in boundary-scan chain...
Instance 'spart2(Device1)' at position '1'...ERROR:JTag - The IDCODE
returned (10010000001100001010000000010011) indicates that the instance
'spart2(Device1)' in the boundary-scan chain is not a Xilinx part.
Verification completed.
ERROR:JTag - Boundary scan chain has been improperly specified. Please
check your configuration and re-enter the boundary-scan chain information.
Boundary-scan chain validated unsuccessfully.
ERROR:JTag - : The boundary-scan chain has not been declared correctly.
Verify the syntax and correctness of the device BSDL files, correct
the files, reset the cable and retry this command.


Make sure that you do not have two cables plugged into the PC. This problem is often the result of a cable being unconnected. If you have two different cables plugged in, you may be using the incorrect one.

Note that the IDCODE check produces inconsistent results under these circumstances as well.
AR# 9157
日期 09/22/2005
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章
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