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4.2i Foundation - How do I extract output data from the Foundation simulator to use for plotting in a third-party tool?


Keywords: Simulation, plot, Foundation, logic, simulator, MathCAD

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General Description:
When I run Foundation simulation on a design, I would like to extract the output data values to a file; I can then plot the results in a third-party tool (such as MathCAD) so that they may be analyzed more easily. (For example, it may be desirable to plot a FIR filter response in a DSP design.)

How is this done in Foundation?


The best way to extract the desired data from a Foundation simulation is to use the "watch" and "print" commands in the script editor. The "watch" command designates which signals will be observed, while the "print" command will print the data for the waveforms that are being watched to a file. You can also use the "vector" command to create a vector for your bus, and the "radix" command to set the display to hexadecimal.

The syntax for these commands is available in the script editor's SIM Macro Assistant:

- Go to the script editor, click on "Tools", and select "Macro Assistant."

- Under the "Complete script file examples" heading, click on the script file skeleton. This will display the syntax for all of the script commands, along with information about their functions.
AR# 9163
日期 08/12/2003
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