AR# 9196


2.1i SP6 Foundation Install - Error: "Setup failed while processing the FileCopier.SrvcPackReplacetask..."


Keywords: service, pack, 6, foundation, logiblox.vs, setup, failed, installation

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
During the install of Service Pack 6 on a Windows NT platform, the following
error is encountered:

"Installation Failed
Setup failed while processing the FileCopier.SrvcPackReplacetask.
The reported error was Problems when writing
Press OK to clean up partially-installed software."



This error occurs because Viewlogic is installed on the same machine as Foundation.
To avoid it, delete these 3 files


from the above directory, and the install of the service pack should complete


There should be at least 300MB of temp disk space. To check this:

1. Open a DOS window.
2. Type "echo %TEMP%".
3. What drive is TEMP on? If that drive doesn't have at least 300MB of
space, change the location of TEMP. To do this, you must either run "sysedit"
from Start -> Run.. (Windows 95, 98) or go to Control Panel -> System ->
Environment (Windows NT, 2000).

If you change variables, be sure to reboot!
AR# 9196
日期 08/22/2001
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章
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