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AR# 9267

LogiCORE DA FIR v.5 - VERILOG - "** Warning: Failed to open file D:lab4_xxxx.mif for reading"


When tryiing to simulate the Virtex Distributed Arithmetic

FIR Filter core using a Verilog flow, on a PC platform, the

following warning may appear if you are using the MTI


# ** Warning: Failed to open file D:lab4_xxxx.mif for reading : D:/CAE_tools/model_tech_5.3d_XE/win32xoem/../xilinx/verilog/src/corelib.v(6591)

Initialization of the core also fails.

The problem is that the path to the MIF file is delimited using

backslashes instead of the forward slashes required by

most Verilog simulators such as MTI and Verilog-XL.





Manually edit the path to the MIF file in the module declaration for

the core, replacing all backslashes with forward slashes, then

recompile the Verilog netlist if needed, and resimulate.
AR# 9267
日期 09/07/2010
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章