AR# 928


5.x PPR, XNFPREP - INIT=S property ignored because INIT converted to "init"


Customers using Synopsys or other third party tools that preserve the case (upper
and lower) of block or net names may see the INIT property converted to the string,
"init" by XNFPREP. This will happen if you have a subblock or net named "init" in lower case.
The renaming of INIT to "init" will cause a problem because PPR pre-5.21e
ignores "init=S" properties if "init" is in lower case.

What appears to be a case conversion is actually a side effect of the fact that the XNF
reader in XNFPREP only stores a given string once, and stores it in whatever case
it was first encountered. Since references to merged subblocks (in HIERG records) occur
at the beginning of an XNF netlist, XNFPREP will see the HIERG record pointing to a
block called "init" first, store it in its buffer, and later write out all "INIT" strings as "init",
including "init=S".


Avoid naming subblocks "init".
AR# 928
日期 03/19/2000
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章
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