AR# 9341


ISE WebPACK - Why am I being asked for a Registration ID during installation?


During the installation of the ISE WebPACK download, I am being asked to enter a 16-digit Registration ID. What number should I use, and why might this be happening?

NOTE: When installing ISE WebPACK, the Xilinx ISE DVD does require a Registration ID that can be obtained by registering the ProductID found on the back of the package.


There are a few known reasons this might be occurring:

- You might have unzipped the WebPACK installer in a flat structure rather than retaining directory structure.

- The unzip process might not have run correctly. Try another unzipping application to work around this issue.

- You might be using an unsupported operating system such as Mac OSX or a Linux distribution other than Red Hat Enterprise.

The real root cause is that the installer is attempting to locate the ".idata.bin" file typically located at "<DVDROOT>/idata/".
AR# 9341
日期 10/27/2011
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章
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