AR# 942


XNFPREP error 3527: possible causes if using Foundation


The pad 'SIGNAL1' is connected to the following invalid
symbol pin(s):

Symbol Type = AND ; Pin Name = O ; Symbol Name = MACRO/$I1

A pad can be connected only to the input pin of input
buffers and the output pin of output buffers or PULLUPs or



The Foundation schematic editor automatically
replaces I/O port symbols on a top-level schematic with I/O
pads. If I/O ports are used incorrectly, XNFPREP will issue
the above error.

Remove all I/O port symbols from the top level schematic(s).
Draw hanging wires by double-clicking to end the wire without
adding an I/O port symbol.

If a bus segment on the top level has an I/O port, you must
delete the bus segment and redraw it. When you are adding a
name to the bus, set the I/O Marker to 'None'.


Make sure that only the top-level schematic(s) are listed in
the Foundation Project Manager. All schematic files listed
in the Project Manager are treated as if they are top-level
schematics (in order to support multi-page flat designs).

If any macros are listed, remove them from the top-level
project. Select the macro, then choose Document->Remove.
Click Yes to confirm the removal. The file will not be
deleted from the project directory.
AR# 942
日期 10/01/2008
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章
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