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4.1i XST - Naming conventions for nets, instances, flip flops, etc.


Keywords: flip, flop, flops, ff, ffs, ff's, name, naming, net, convention, instances, 3.1i

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
What naming convention is used by XST?


NOTE: This information came from the appendix of the XST User Guide.

These rules are listed in order of naming priority:

1. Keep hierarchy in instance names, using underscores as hierarchy designators.

2. Register instances, including state bits, will be named for the output signal preceded by an 'I_'.

3. Clock buffer instances are named _clockbuffertype (like _BUFGP or _IBUFG) after the output signal.

4. Instantiation instance names of black boxes are maintained.

5. Instantiation instance names of library primitives are maintained.

6. Input and output buffers are named _IBUF or _OBUF after the pad name.

7. Output instance names of IBUFs are named instance_name_IBUF. Input instance names to OBUFs are named instance_name_OBUF.
AR# 9514
日期 08/06/2003
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