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ChipScope Analyzer - Error: "ILA Unit Communication Failed"


When I set up the triggers in the ChipScope Analyzer, the following error message occurs: 


"ILA Unit Communication Failed"


When ChipScope initially attempts to communicate with the ILA core, it is trying to read a status register that is included in the core. If that status register read fails, the error message above results. 


This usually occurs because some or all of the ILA core has been trimmed by the mapper. This can be caused by trigger or data signals that are optimized out or connected to 0. (Unused trigger or data signals should be connected to a logic 1.) Check the .mrp file to see what was trimmed. In addition, the ILA tool in FPGA Editor can be helpful in seeing which trigger and data signals are available in the routed design, as missing signals will be apparent here. 


This error will also occur when a newer version of the cores is used with an older version of the software. 


Verify that both the cores and the ChipScope software are up to date at:


Verify that the ICON and ILA cores are correctly instantiated: 


See the ChipScope Software and ILA Cores User Manual for detailed information:

ICON Instantiation 


1. Connect an unused ICON CONTROL bus to only one ILA controller.  


ILA Instantiation 


1. Connect an unused ICON CONTROL* to one ILA CONTROL. 

2. Connect unused ILA data/trigger signals to "1". 

3. IF data = trigger, THEN connect the data port (leave the trigger unconnected). 


NOTE: You must use the same clock for ILA Core/Data/Trigger sources.


There is a known ChipScope Virtex II configuration bug that occurs when the device is not first in the JTAG chain. The DONE pin will go high, despite the fact that the device is not properly configured. This results in the error and message above. 


This is fixed in ChipScope v4.1i.

AR# 9607
日期 05/14/2014
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